Exhibition 8th March 2013 − 13th April 2013

Spring Contemporary Show - Images of the Gallery

Eichelmann's Decoupage picture with 18th century English sculpture of Aristotle in background

Here are a few snapshots of the gallery showing the works of Adam Dant, Volker Eichelmann, Charlotte Hodes, Des Hughes and Tom Price, displayed alongside our collection.

Volker Eichelmann and Tom Price above a the Baden Baden cabinet
Des Hughes' Do you think of me often'
Eichlemann collage, Charlotte Hodes pot in Regency bookcase with pietra dura table, Rococo looking-glass and ebony chair and table
Des Hughes 'Soft Fruit with holes' on Russian malachite table
Tom Price sculpture and Adam Dant' Bread and Circuses'
Eichelmann's Decoupage pictures above Art Nouveau beaded table with 18th century German carved side table