Exhibition 22nd September 2015 − 19th October 2015

Charlotte Hodes Exhibition

Plate 18 2015

Harris Lindsay hosted this exhibition of artworks by Charlotte Hodes. Her ceramics and papercuts sat easily among the works of art in our gallery, as they made associations with and reference to the history of ceramics, the history of design and  traditional drawing techniques.

Charlotte is Professor of Fine Art at London College of Fashion, winner of the Jerwood Drawing prize winner and the first Associate Artist at the Wallace Collection.  Most recently she has worked with the Spode Museum Trust Archive of engravings.

The exhibition is entitled 'Silhouettes and Vessels: papercuts and ceramics' and consists of a selection of vases, plates, papercuts and drawings.


The exhibition will have a selection of ceramic vases from her series A Concise History of Vessels, which are hand cut enamel transfer on earthenware. This series was completed in 2014 and consists of a sequence of over thirty slip cast vessels with hand cut transfer, each 58 cm high, which take the ceramic vase, with its female connotations as a three dimensional canvas around which are juxtaposed both images of vases, from the classical through to the everyday, alongside the female figure. The ceramics were made with the support of David Rawson and Trevor Dyer, Park Rose Ceramics and Treda.


Trees and Silhouettes is a series of plates which relate to Charlotte's installation for the British Ceramic Biennal 2015  in which the ware takes the form of the aftermath of a dinner onto which the printed imagery and texts found on the Spode Museum Trust Archive of engravings have been de-constructed, re-ordered and collaged onto the ware. The images cross over from one plate to another to creat the impression that the women, presented in silhouettes, have descended and are momentarily held in seemingly random configuration. Women have often been allocated to the subservient role of both laying the table in preparation and the subsequent clearing up rather than being active participants. Here, the women take ownership of their domestic landscape, moving effortlessly across the surface of the ware.

Also various works on paper, informed by the 19th century architect and designer Owen Jones and his highly influential publication 'The Grammar of Ornament'.

The research and development for this work was suported by a grant from Arts Council, England.

At the same time as our exhibition, Charlotte will also be exhibiting a commissioned tableware installation at the British Ceramics Biennial, Stoke-on-Trent from 26th September to 8th November 2015.

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